Ace Lace Glue - Ace Hair Extensions & Co
Ace Lace Glue - Ace Hair Extensions & Co
Ace Lace Glue - Ace Hair Extensions & Co
Ace Lace Glue - Ace Hair Extensions & Co
Ace Hair Extensions & Co

Extreme Hold Waterproof Lace Glue Infused With Vitamin E

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Look & Feel Natural: Create a natural look for your wig and achieve your favorite hair style with this hair extension glue that is expertly infused with Vitamin E along with essential ingredients to provide a lightweight, seamless, lasting hold for lace wigs and hair systems without damaging the lace or edges

Waterproof & Temperature-Resistant: In order to make our wig cap glue as waterproof, sweat-resistant, odor- free, and as temperature resistant as possible we use only the finest quality ingredients, helping to ensure your hair remains in place without moving or falling off due to skin oils or moisture

Safe & Reliable: Our waterproof wig glue has been made very carefully to ensure that it is kept free from harsh materials such as harmful chemicals, latex, artificial fragrances etc. In addition to being cruelty-free, this hair bonding glue is suitable for all skin types especially for sensitive skin

Easy to Apply: This latex free hair glue for wigs is super simple to use. All you need to do is apply very thin layers (up to 7 Layers) each layer must be CLEAR before adding the next layer, attach unit, then allow up to 24 hours before get it wet

Commitment to Quality: Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities that’s our designers use the best possible tactics while preparing our water proof wig lace glue to ensure that the highest quality standards are preserved throughout the production processes, providing you with full peace of mind



Ace Lace Glue, that is made with love and gratitude!

It does not matter how you tie, straighten, pin, or twist your hair, you can add a statement to your style with a hair wig. However, the most challenging situation is when your wig is constantly shifting, sliding, and moving. That’s why we strive hard to provide you with premium glue adhesive for wigs that hold your hair unit firmly against the scalp. It can help your unit keep its shape for longer and can provide your lace with a natural finish. Ace lace adhesive hair glue has a seamless effect helping your hairstyle to achieve the natural look that you are looking for



Why Choose Us?

  •   Superior quality glue for hair wigs

  •   Formulated using only the finest ingredients

  •   Infused with Vitamin E

  •   Waterproof & Sweat-resistant

  •   Odor-free and temperature resistant

  •   Chemicals and latex free

  •   Provides a lightweight, seamless, lasting hold

  •   Aid in creating a natural look for your wig

  •   Helps you achieve your favorite hairstyle with ease

  •   Keeps your hair in place all day long

  •   Safe & reliable

  •   Ideal for sensitive skin

  •   Easy to apply

  •   Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • A thing of joy to have and to behold,

  • Ingredients:

    Acrylates Copolymer Propylene Glycol Hydroxyethylcellulose Sodium Dehydroacetate Water

    Package Includes

    1 X Bottle of Water Resistant Hair Glue (38ml)
    So, what are you waiting for? ADD this hair glue for extensions and wigs to your basket and get ready to

    enhance your experiences!

  Hair Care
  • Always brush before bed or washing to avoid tangling or friction.

  • Try to wash hair gently in a downward motion and please try to avoid bunching hair together while washing as well.

  • Using organic or sulfate free (baby shampoos) is crucial for the avoidance of stripping the hairs natural oils and drying the hair out.

  • You can and should wash near the base (roots) but do this cautiously and focus more on the actual hair and not the scalp.

  • While the hair is damp it is always good to gently add natural oils like coconut or almond oils because natural oils do the work of most conditioners but without the harsh added chemicals.

Frequently asked questions:

How long will my hair last? 
Hair can last 12 to 24 months with proper hair care.

Can I color my hair?

You can absolutely color or bleach your hair. It is always best to talk to your stylist if you are not to familiar with bleaches and dyes.

Will I have to worry about the hair shedding?

All hair may tend to have minimum shedding because of the manufacturing process but with proper care and with our quality of products it is very unlikely that you will see shedding.

How much bundles should I buy at any giving time?

The standard amount of bundles for a full looking head of hair is 3 bundles. But there are times that a client might buy a single bundle or two to add to their existing bundles that they have bought from us before.

Terms And Conditions

Please read this information carefully as it contains important details about your rights and obligations as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you. We will make every effort to match each order to your exact specifications. Because our natural hair is 100% Temple Unprocessed and each individual piece comes from a separate donor we cannot guarantee hair color or texture. Our natural hair comes in a straight, wavy or curly pattern, the color will range between a natural 1b and in some cases we may have natural lighter pieces that are available upon request but not guaranteed. Only exchanges within 3 - 5 business days from the date of purchase will be permitted. Due to the nature of the product and the possibility of incorrect installation and/or processing (coloring, heat application), there is no replacement of our hair and the 3 - 5 business day Product Defect Exchange Policy is not applicable.
Payment Terms

Terms of payment are always 100% upfront. We accept all major credit cards. As soon as you place an order online your credit card will be charged.
NOTE: Only pre-order items will require 50% deposit down at the time of placing your order the rest amount at the time that your product is ready for shipping!
Credit card fraud and theft of our merchandise will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If your billing address is different than your shipping address you will be required to fill out a credit card authorization form and send supporting documentation before your shipment is released. If this is necessary a representative will contact promptly after your order has been placed.

Order Processing

All orders received before 2:00 pm are expected to be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed over the weekend will be shipped on Monday, unless it is a holiday. Once shipped, orders arrive within the time frame selected on the order form.

If any product is out of stock, unavailable or if we are just simply unable to fulfill your order we will contact you immediately to find out if you are interested in receiving a substitution. If a substitution is not acceptable you may wish to terminate the sale in which case, we will refund the amount charged to your credit card.
Please note: Prices, specifications, and availability of products are subject to change without notice. Any typographical, photographic, or specification error in products or pricing is subject to correction. We will notify you of any corrections or changes and ask for your approval before we complete your order.

 Return policy

At Ace Hair Extensions & Co we maintain a very high level of quality assurance. Our products go through a rigorous process to make sure you are receiving the best quality product possible. All hair orders are thoroughly inspected before shipping. It is our primary focus to make sure you are completely satisfied.
Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final and no refunds will be issues. Exchanges are available on a case by case basis,


We take great pride in our products and they are 100% guaranteed. Since natural hair is reactive to a simple wash and deep conditioning product issues or concerns can often easily be remedied by implementing a simple care regimen. However, if you feel you’ve received a product that is truly defective and unusual we want to hear from you. If you have received any product that is defective you must contact us within 10 calendar days from the date of purchase. Although no refunds are permitted we will address the quality issue at once. A Customer Service Representative will provide the customer a return shipping label along with instructions for the return of ALL of the product in question. Note that perming, coloring, lifting, rinsing, cutting, removing the hair from the weft or otherwise processing the hair VOIDS the Product Defect Exchange Policy. If Ace Hair Extensions & Co verifies and agrees that the product is defective in any way, Ace Hair Extensions & Co will then exchange or replace the item.

If the customer selects a product in exchange of greater value, they will be responsible for paying the additional cost of the item. Ace Hair Extensions & Co will cover the cost of shipping the exchanged/new item back to the customer if ground shipping is selected. Otherwise the customer will receive a $15 credit towards another shipping option. If Ace Hair Extensions & Co does not validate the product defect issue, we will return the item in question to the customer at our expense (via ground) without an exchange of product.

 My Hair Guarantee:

This product ships with a 100% quality guarantee against manufacturing defects when installed and maintained in the professional manner in which it is intended.
1. Use a 100% silk bonnet when sleeping (included)
2. Wash hair with Ace FLEUR De Los Shampoo and Conditioner
3. Hair should be installed by a licensed stylist
4. If tracks are cut during install, they should be sealed.
In the extremely unlikely event there is a defect with this product, the hair should be returned to:
Ace Hair Extensions & Co- Customer Care
4507 Bluet Ct, Riverside, Ca 92501

From time to time, Ace Hair Extensions & Co, at its sole discretion, may exchange products or portions of a product under the following conditions:
Requests must be made within 10 calendar days from the date of purchase. Any exchange request after 10 calendar days will not be honored.

We will not accept any merchandise which has been used or altered (brushed, combed, picked, cut, removed from the weft or processed) in any way. According to the Federal law you cannot return human hair products that have been used. Note that perming, coloring, lifting, rinsing, removing the hair from the weft or otherwise processing the hair “eliminates the possibility of any exchange or replacement.” All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

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